Monday, 20 February 2017

Body Love : Listening and Learning.

I've written before about body confidence and exercise and general self-love (both sexual and otherwise), on here and elsewhere. I am a major believer in the power of loving your body, appreciating what you've got and working to get what you want from it. Having the ultimate goal of simply being comfortable in your own skin and liking what you see when you look in a mirror can be all you need to motivate you each day. 
So, let's all take a deep breath now, and get ready for some lovin'.

Thursday, 16 February 2017

Why I don't read magazines...but wish I did.

Hang on, hear me out guys...I like magazines. I really do. I have so much adoration – and admiration – for their makers, bringing out new editions every week or month and ensuring the hardest work goes into making them beautiful and, wow. So much respect, mingled with the utmost awe.

But...I don't read them. Not regularly, anyway. Once in a blue moon, tbh. Like, I have read them in the past, but these days I honestly *braces self for the onslaught of ridicule* don't seem to have the time!?

(Grazia, October 3rd edition. Excellent column about 'dating' (/casual sex), Also my current read, The White Tower, part of my January reading challenge...

I mean, I do. I have an abundance of time. You need time? I got it. I'll hook you up. But for some reason that endless time I am engulfed with more or less 24/7 can never be spent sitting down and reading a magazine cover to cover. 
I almost always buy one with the purest and keenest of intentions, eager to learn about that fashion trend or the latest tricks for optimum self care, even the new sex tips that everyone is trying out with their consenting, loving partners...but then it sits beside my bed for actual weeks, if not months, stewing and growing outdated – at an alarming speed for something that's just sitting still?! 

Tuesday, 14 February 2017

5 on the 14th.

This post was going to be entitled 'The Top 5 Most Romantic Moments of My Life', but I realised that although I may be tragically inexperienced in love and totally over-experienced in heartache, I still can't narrow down the snatches of romance in my life to just 5 ultimate #goals moments. So these are just going to be '5 moments'. Just 5 times that spring to mind as I sit here, on Valentine's Day 2017, in a busy cafe with an empty cup beside me, wondering how long I can justify sitting here without buying a refill...

Monday, 13 February 2017

Flying solo, LGW - SXF.

I did the thing. I flew, all by myself – from one country to another, within Europe mind you, but still a good few hundred miles of land and many thousands of feet in the air. 
I couldn't help but feel it barely counted though, as really I was only doing the flying part alone. I had a drop-off and a pick-up arranged there and back, and 'accommodation' sorted in the place I was visiting – most excellent bed-sharing best friend-type accommodation – I mean, I barely had to think about anything save the flights. Still, I did it. One small step, etc., etc. I checked in all by myself, I packed my backpack (then had it slightly re-jigged by mama, but whatev still counts), and I kept myself company on The Other Side of the Doors in the airport itself. I squeezed my own hand as we took off. I read my latest and most delicious non-fic and surfed the free plane wifi (?!!) all the way there and back. 

Sunday, 12 February 2017

A young man and his cutie: love is all around.

I wrote a love story on Twitter today. It was real and true and honest and lovely and it happened right in front of me at Gatwick airport this afternoon when I emerged in Arrivals. I felt privileged to see it, and the response the thread got on Twitter was just unreal. 
I can't help but feel the amount of likes and retweets and comments must show just how much we need this, now. Love, hope, sunshine - lots and lots of it. 

So here's the first tweet. Scroll through if you wish, and let your heart swell. 

If anyone needs me, I'll be snuggling up in bed remembering it all and letting myself believe romance, and happiness, and just love. 

Saturday, 4 February 2017

In February 2017, imma read...

It continues! My most excellent 2017 reading scheme. I would call it a 'challenge' but it's way too exciting to qualify as one, surely. And scheming is exciting, so...

In January, I read 9-12 children's fiction. It was fun, and actually not as easy nor as light-hearted as I'd thought it would be...? It was a totally worthwhile experience, though.
This month, I will be doing something completely different. I'll be reading exclusively non-fiction

Thursday, 2 February 2017

99 stupid questions: 2010 & now.

Before I could blog, I did...*shudders* Facebook Notes. And before that? Bebo. I also dabbled a little in MySpace, but was never cool enough to do it full time... 
My Facebook Notes were like little snippets of my life a lot of the time; trainee blog posts. Then now and again I'd do quizzes. Y'know, the ones you'd copy and paste from your cooler friends, then possibly lie on for the sake of seeming more badass? Yeah. 

So after seeing the utter babe Arora Appleby's recent redoing of a Bebo quiz, I thought I'd dig through my Facey B archives and attempt one of these cringey questionnaires again. Wish me luck! 

Oh, and I've added in a super flattering photo of me aged 16 in 2010 to kick this off - complete with Hollister shirt, newly formed boobs pushed right up, over-plucked eyebrows and badly dyed ginger're welcome. (I miss our movie nights, Katie!)


1. Last beverage = a shit ton of water, all day long. 
2. Last phone call = a drunk accident, last night.
3. Last text message = Kasim. That bitch. 
4. Last song you listened to = 'Lover Come Back', City and Colour. 
5. Last time you cried = this afternoon/evening, about 5 separate times as I watched 'Lion'. 

Tuesday, 31 January 2017

30 Days Grace: January.

2017 got off to a shaky start for me. Maybe because I was expecting everything to change – to be better – overnight. I think that's a classic New Year feel, though. And, well, it's bullshit for the most part. 

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